Saturday, March 21, 2009

Phone Book Downloading Via SAP Cradle

Convince Phone Function.
The convince phone function is used for fixed phone cradles and too connect a HFP or SAP Bluetooth phone cradle too the new Comand system.
Another function is too manually import the Phone book from the mobile phone and into the Comand, via a function called “Import External Data”.

Downloading Phone book via SAP phone cradle.
1. Select “Telephone” from bottom menu on screen.
2. Insert SAP phone cradle in too UHI insert.
3. Insert SIM card into SAP Phone Cradle.
4. Select “Telephone List”.
5. Select “Convenience Phone”.
6. “Convenience phone being activated” will be displayed, once this has occurred select “Telephone” menu once again.
7. Select “Import External Data”
This process may take several minutes.

Downloading Phone Book to Comand or Audio Unit

All new next generation Comand and Audio units require the phone book to either be sent via Bluetooth or downloaded (copied) into Comand unit, via SAP phone cradle.
Receiving Business Cards. (Phone Book)
1.Select “Telephone Menu” on bottom line of screen.
2.Select “Receive Business Cards” (The car is now ready too receive the contacts).
3.Depending on Mobile Phone, the contacts can be sent from the phone book settings menu via Bluetooth too the car. Some phones will allow only single contacts to be sent at any one time, and others will send the entire list of contacts.
Note: This feature is not available on all mobile phones and if the menu too send the contacts is not there, the contacts need to be downloaded via SAP phone cradle through the convenience phone function on Comand.

New W204 Class Bluetooth Pairing Protocal

1.Select telephone menu at bottom of screen.
2.Select “Telephone List” tab.
3.A list of currently paired phones and convenience phone is displayed, select “Update”. Process may take several moments.
4.Select desired mobile phone.
5.“Enter Pass code” is now displayed. Enter a four digit number eg. 0000 and select “OK”.
6.The Mobile phone should now be prompting Bluetooth connection too MB phone system. Enter the same matching pass code number into the mobile phone and accept pairing.
7.On mobile phone select always “allow to automatically connect”.
8.Mobile phone is now paired “activating phone” may be displayed.
Note: Phone Book will not be downloaded into Comand, this must me done manually.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mercedes Benz Bluetooth Easy Pairing Steps SAP

1. Press Mercedes Benz Star Button and hold down until led lights start flashing to activate pairing mode.2. Press telephone button and then the call button twice and wait until “activating telephone please wait” is displayed.3. The system has now finished searching for devices, select desired mobile phone to be paired from the list, and press call button to select.(16 digit Pin is now generated)4. The mobile phone is now prompted. Enter 16 digit pin off the Comand/Audio 20 screen in too mobile phone and accept pairing.5. On the mobile phone select “always allow to connect without authorization” option.6. The Comand/Audio 20 screen will then drop out and “no phone” or “please insert phone” will be displayed this is normal.7. Press the “Tel” button once and wait.8. The phone is now paired and will take up to 5 minutes to download the phone book depending on the car and phone.

Mercedes Benz Bluetooth Easy Pairing Steps HFP

1.Press and hold down button on HFP cradle to activate pairing mode (LED light starts flashing).2.On the mobile phone switch to Bluetooth mode and activate “search for devices”3.Once the mobile phone has found “MB Phone System” select to pair.4.Enter Pin “62872” following prompt on mobile phone.5.Select “always allow to connect” when prompted.6.When pairing process has been completed LED light on HFP module will remain on.Note: The phone book may take several minutes to be read.This may or may not occur depending on the mobile phone.